Think Big, Act Small and Scale fast and Sustainably

What is our goal with Sustainnovate.Today? The goal is to assist Sustainnovation Professionals (a new group of professionals ranging from Chief Sustainnovation Officer to Sustainnovation Analyst) in building better businesses. Companies doing well by doing good. Characteristic of an intervention by Sustainnovators.

At Sustainnovate.Today, we aim to support Sustainnovation Professionals (a new group of professionals, from Chief Sustainnovation Officer to Sustainnovation Analyst) in building better businesses. Our goal is to create companies that are not only successful but also contribute to the general well-being. With our unique approach of thinking big, acting small, and scaling fast and sustainably, we offer interventions that transform businesses. We are determined to implement a “step-stone strategy” and take the first steps, no matter how small they may be. Discover how Sustainnovate.Today can influence your company and make an impact on the future!

The power of Sustainnovate.Today

Within the spectrum of problems, ranging from Routine Problems to Complex Problems to true brain teasers, we specifically focus on the Brain Teasers. We have a passion for addressing challenging problems in areas and markets with significant uncertainties. Our goal is to unravel mysteries and find solutions to problems where there are few to no answers yet. We specialize in embracing uncertainties and harnessing them to generate innovative solutions. Discover how we focus on tackling so-called “Wicked Problems” and how we can assist you in unraveling these challenges.

Our Approach and Services:

At Sustainnovate.Today, we focus on three target audiences: Individuals, Teams, and Organizations. Our comprehensive services include individual coaching, team training, organizational consulting, as well as program management. With our expertise and experience, we guide individuals and teams to achieve sustainable change and assist organizations in paving the way towards a sustainable business.

Our Core Values:

  • Learning and Systemic Approach: We believe in learning, not only to provide immediate solutions but also to teach others within your organization. We aim for a systemic approach that enables sustainable change.
  • Lateral Thinking: We challenge you to view problems from different perspectives and come up with innovative approaches.
  • 1st and 2nd Order Consequences: We consider the impact of our approach on both immediate and indirect consequences, finding a balance between environmentally friendly solutions and economic growth; “Doing well by doing good.”
  • Simplicity: We make it as simple as possible, but not simpler (inspired by A. Einstein).
  • Difficult Problems: “Enjoying working on challenging problems.”

Do you want to get in touch to learn more about how we can help your organization become a Sustainnovative company? We love to talk!

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